Bar code printer - - - - - - - Drum unit to replace the matters needing attention when _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-14
Bar code printer drum unit in change from time to tome what considerations? Let below small make up to tell you. 1: remove the drum unit ( Printer supplies) After, completes the necessary cleanup. Drum unit should be inside a box seat directly after opening, and load the machine as soon as possible. Do not drum unit in the sun, more can't let it hit a hard surface objects. 2: by hand or not clean items reach the surface of the drum unit. Have the dust adhesion, only with a soft brush gently brush away, cannot use any cleaner scrub, when necessary, can use toner to cleaning. 3: for the drum unit and toner is the integration mechanism, to complete replacement at the same time. Should shake toner before loading. 4: when changing fall both inside and outside the printer toner available cleaner gettering, swab with anhydrous alcohol. 5: the appropriate change jobs in dark studio.
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