Bar code printer garbled words to do _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-06-01

if the bar code printer can't print, download a driver, and then directly is garbled, what all don't change, the most likely is the problem of bar code printer driver. Need a thorough new installation at this time, or are you the print driver and your printer does not match. If your machine is driven by other brand of moving and do not move. Garbled words there are many possible, some time ago my new models in debugging INTERMEC PD41 hit many times when I was a cipher, is not necessarily the cause of the drive, specific issues have to specific analysis.

often use bar code printer friends should know that the most headaches is printing a garbled. The reason is very complex, this paper discusses all kinds of hard and soft faults to print the code, the purpose is to improve the ability of all troubleshooting printing the code, which made us before print the code no longer helpless! Simple discriminant method can take your printer to another can be normal print on a computer to try to see if is garbled, if print is normal, then prove fault and host, or the one on the other computer using normal printer to try it on your computer, if the normal fault and your printer. But there must be at least two computers or two printers, the average family users not to do this. Of course, it doesn't matter if there are no more conditions, the following is based on the principle of first soft after hard, screen print the statement one by one.

software solutions

1. In the BIOS Settings to change printer parallel port mode ( If you are using the traditional printing line instead of USB printing line) , enter the BIOS, Integrated peripheral; The parallel port mode, has the following four patterns SPP ( The standard parallel port) EPP ( Enhanced parallel port) 项目( Extend parallel port) , ECP + EPP, if your printer model is old, is recommended for SPP mode, and at present the mainstream of the printer is set to ECP + EPP mode is recommended ( Of course you also can try several patterns are) 。

2。 Stylus printer, printer and paper including ordinary needle printer to print two modes, LQ simulation and himself if the pattern of use is not correct, the phenomenon of print is also likely to be garbled ( In the printer properties can change the print mode) 。

3。 Printer driver installation is also likely to lead to incorrect or damage to the print gibberish, suggest to install the latest printer driver, Can get) on the official site , the driver installation is completed the test page prints out an executable to test the printer is normal.

4。 Used to print the font is not installed or has been damage can occur to print the code, such as font has not been installed or has been damaged to open the control panel; Font, double-click the icon font, in the open window click on the file menu, choose to install new fonts.

5。 Some decryption software conflict, using pirated software, such as the version of the financial reporting system, tend to cause drive is not normal, lead to print the code, even some genuine software, due to the requirement on the print mouth install encryption dog, often can cause abnormal print.

6。 Virus causes abnormal print, sometimes due to the presence of the virus can also cause printing the code, such as a worm can make computer print a cause garbled, it is recommended to use NORTON etc. The latest version of antivirus software to scan.

7。 System files against damage or loss caused by printing or gibberish, a solution from the operating system installation plate extraction or use the system's built-in tools to restore the corresponding system files, the second is to reinstall the operating system. Hardware solution

1. Printer cable fault lead to print the code print cable, sometimes a circuit or short circuit and its interface part may lead to print the code. Can be in - MS Under DOS, execute the command dir> PRN to detect the printer cable if there is a fault.

2。 The printer itself a hardware failure, can use the printer self-test ( Self-inspection for each brand of printer way each are not identical, please see the printer manual) To determine whether a printer is a hardware failure. If it is really a printer problem, it can only be repaired.

3。 Out of memory, the printer on a print file is too large to print the code may appear when, is the best way to extend the printer's memory, but it is also rare, tend to occur in the early days of memory smaller on the printer.

4。 The mainboard parallel port ( Print) Damage resulting in abnormal printing, this kind of circumstance is rare, do not use a parallel port is the best way to print, change a USB cable to print. Of course, if there is no USB printer or host that can only be repairing or replacement motherboard.

5。 The I/O control chip on the motherboard damage, actually this kind of circumstance is not difficult to distinguish, because the motherboard I/O control chip damage often leads to many complications, many input and output devices are affected. To solve only repair the motherboard!

6。 Print mouth near exclusion ( At present almost all motherboard can be seen) Damaged, sometimes resistance change due to external factors, then print the code will light up. Only change new exclusion, failure can be solved.

7。 Using switch box printing may sometimes appear to print the code phenomenon, change the quality guaranteed switch box or don't use a switch box for printing.

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