Bar code printer paper jumping reason _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2023-08-20

bar code printer is a kind of special printer. Bar code printers, and the biggest difference is that of ordinary printers, bar code printer to print is based on the thermal, POSTEK carbon belt for print media ( Or directly use the thermal paper) Complete printing, the printing way one of the biggest advantages compared with common print approach is that it can be realized in the case of unattended continuous high-speed printing. Print the contents of it is for the enterprise brand identity and the serial number identification, packaging, bar code identification, envelopes, labels, clothing tag, etc. Small make up today is to introduce the bar code label printer come with paper, the cause of concrete are the following:

1, the location of the bar code labels used interval, such as using the interval positioning, see each TAB spacing is constant, calibration, such as using the black watch black label spacing is constant each tag? And black mark color black enough.

2. If the interval or black standard is accurate, bar code machine positioning sensor calibration method can be used, the potential of sensor calibration.

3, if the above two methods are invalid, it should be the positioning sensor caused by aging, need to replace position sensors.

with the rapid development of social economy, chain, retail, chemical industry, printing, manufacturing, health care and other coupons and barcode label demand is bigger and bigger, and how to print more specifications, high quality label is the common demand of many enterprises.

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