Bar code printer positioning function _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2023-08-26
Bar code printer navigator has been known to everybody, here small make up to introduce positioning technology in the application of apple's iPhone. Apple company 2010 annual excellent application design award winner is a named star walk ( 明星walker) Astronomical software, the software was deeply loved by vast iPhone players. When users to lifted that iPhone in the night sky, can be a real night sky stars overlap with software simulation on the phone's screen, which meet in the night sky stars and constellations. Obviously, in order to achieve this, the starry sky walk software should not only know your current position ( Latitude and longitude) , but also know the current orientation and tilt Angle the phone's screen, so you can according to the information from the perspectives of corresponding database, in an star constellation design to help users know. The former can through the global positioning system ( GPS全球定位系统) Technology, which can be done through the position sensor. When the couple or their parents with their children for a walk in the night, the stars walking software can certainly add a hint of romance to their lives. I also went to buy the software to use looks! And in front of me, the viewpoint of RFID is Internet bar code printer results make a joke, now can't help but doubt again, GPS positioning technology is the main mean? This statement has certain rationality, because of bar code printers, GPS technology should be the most widely used in our daily life today positioning technology, but in fact positioning technology category is quite extensive.
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