Bar code printer put better _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-12
Recently there are quite a few friends to consult with our bar code printer buy back on where is good, today for everyone to introduce specific. Bar code is placed in use process how to install the printer to the printer long-term protection: 1. Put the bar code machine, the machine should be put in dry place, must be far away from the water dispenser, mineral pot, water. In this way, can prevent the failure caused by indoor humidity. 2. If put the humidity in the large room, you need to keep the ventilation, to reduce indoor humidity, can prevent carbon with print is not clear. In addition, pay attention to the label of moistureproof, keep dry and label, so as not to affect the print effect. 3. And work every day end after switching off the barcode machine, don't unplug the power plug, under the condition of wet weather must pay attention to the barcode machine moistureproof. Boot to keep dry during the day, night to prevent moisture into the machine.
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