Bar code printer technology how to lay the foundation of modern logistics industry? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-20

with the development of logistics information and the popularization of information technology, data acquisition based on barcode and RFID technology, and output devices, more and more applied to sort out, distribute and warehousing logistics management. And bar code printer with its printing speed, high reliability, handling large amount of information, stable and durable, etc, become the latest must-haves in the logistics warehousing. With the development of Chinese economy and the popularity of e-commerce, all walks of life more and more high to the requirement of logistics transportation services. Internet of things, cloud computing and the Internet information technology development, constantly pushing China's logistics industry to the information into the core of modern logistics development, and the key to realize the modern logistics, is to apply advanced technology and reasonable in the every link of logistics.

bar code printer technology, the application of RFID technology in logistics field in recent years, with the development of information technology and the popularization of information technology, barcode and RFID technology as data acquisition and reading the automatic identification technology, are increasingly applied to the logistics distribution and warehousing management. Bar code printer in the logistics industry informatization performance: 1. Has the print speed 2. High reliability. 3. Handle large volume 4. Durable stability etc. These advantages based on bar code printer, it is widely used in logistics, sorting, distribution, warehouse, warehouse management of each link. Through bar code printers, real-time, fast printing goods directions information, sorting, packing, warehousing/delivery instructions, can help enterprises, the third party logistics companies ( 3PL) , warehouse and distribution company for cargo warehousing, transportation, distribution station, sorting station comprehensive information management and distribution process, so as to realize the informationization of logistics management, to improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve service quality and customer satisfaction. Compared with the bar code scanning, read each features, can be a one-time bulk cargo information of RFID technology, because of its more efficient automatic identification characteristics, caught the attention of more and more enterprises and rush. Therefore, the current bar code printers, bar code technology, RFID devices ( Printer) And, speaking, reading and writing equipment ( Data acquisition terminal PDA) Gradually become the latest must-haves in the warehousing and logistics industries.

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