Bar code printer to print mode setting _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-04-20

now on the market a lot of bar code printers print mode has two kinds: thermal transfer and thermal. Heat transfer model is usually cooperate with carbon belt is used to print coated paper, thermal mainly thermal paper printing.

it is for this printed material by two kinds of print mode is different, so we at the time of change the printing material, also want to in the printer driver Settings in the Windows operating system print mode is set to correspond to printed material.

most of the time, customers in the process of using barcode printer will thermal paper according to their own needs to change into a coated paper, but forgot a printer driver also need more change to the corresponding model, so generally leads to the following problems: the printer

1. Typing errors, printer bright red light. 2. Carbon belt shaft will not automatically recycling the waste carbon finished belt.

the solution: the above case, because the bar code printer using the original thermal printing, after the change with coated paper label and carbon, driven to print patterns did not change into a heat transfer model, so will lead to print carbon belt shaft will not automatically recycling the waste carbon finished belt. This time as long as in the bar code printer driver file, change the print mode by thermal to heat transfer mode, save parameter modification can solve the problem of bar code printer carbon with no recovery.

the customer in the process of using barcode printer malfunction, in many cases could not because the printer hardware problems, more because it is in use process caused by improper operation. So before using the machine, we should print of bar code printer is the most basic principle and the printer Settings, commonly used in this way can we really increase the work efficiency.

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