Bar code printers, the characteristics of two kinds of print mode _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-12
Bar code printer is label, bar code production equipment that is commonly used in a generation equipment, thermal and thermal transfer 2 kind of print mode. So, what's the difference between thermal and thermal transfer barcode printer? 1, the cost of different thermal machine cost is low, CD is low; Thermal transfer machine cost, material cost high cost than thermal machine; 2, the use scope of different thermal printer is applicable to the supermarket, clothing store, logistics, retail and other requirements for barcode is not high; Thermal transfer printer is suitable for the manufacturing industry, automobile industry, textile industry, telecommunications, food department, electronic industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, utilities, retail distribution industry, transport and logistics, government agencies and other enterprises; 3, print consumables use of different thermal printer consumables: thermal paper. Thermal paper coated with a layer of will react when it is heated and the coating color, similar to the film, but this will change color after coating is heated, using the characteristic of the thermal coating, the thermal printing technology; ( Note: the thermal printer can only use a dedicated thermal paper) Use of thermal transfer printer consumables: self-adhesive label paper, PET, PVC, wash water standard, tag and other tags medium, at the same time can also use thermal paper printing; 4, quality time different thermal machine printed media to save time is not long, generally for half a year! ( The concrete depends on the location, luminosity, temperature and other environment decided the actual shelf life) ; Thermal transfer machine printed media stored for a long time, generally for more than two years ( Concrete depends on the use of label paper and carbon with quality) ; Thermal printer, by contrast, looks don't need carbon belt, economical and practical, thermal printer actually need to use the thermal paper medium, this paper price is much higher than ordinary paper. Some users to save money, try to sellers on the Internet or cheap place to buy the cheapest medium. This approach may save the fee that limited, but the inferior materials may reduce the service life of the print head, affect the print quality, which often leads to a higher total cost. In a separate small make up recommend that users when buying a print medium for printer equipment manufacturers designated brand, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.
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