How to choose and buy ticket printer _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-06-07
Micro printer contains a lot of kinds, now the micro printer concept is fuzzy, the classification is not clear. We don't talk about the miniature printer module here, only talk about the micro printer as a finished product. Rough classification: from the application classification, can be divided into the special micro printer and general micro printer. The special micro printer refers to the micro printer for special purposes, such as playing, professional professional barcode micro micro playing CARDS and so on, these micro play usually need professional software or driver support, or can only form a complete set of one or more of the following special equipment can work; General micro printer using range is wide, can support a variety of printing equipment, a lot of printers is general micro printer. From the print way classification, can be divided into pin type micro printer, thermal micro printers and ink micro printer, etc. Needle decay by way of printing is printing the impact the ribbon, the ribbon printing ink on the printing paper, thermal heating of the way is to use make the thermal medium and color coating on the printing paper, thermal transfer is carried carbon carbon powder on paper by means of heating ( At present domestic use few) 。 Another tiny font printer, the printer multi-purpose in a taxi. From the data transmission mode classification, can be divided into wireless micro printer and micro printer cable. Wireless micro is using infrared or bluetooth technology in data communications, cable micro play data communication via the serial or parallel way. Of course, usually play with a serial port or parallel port, wireless micro can be data communication by means of cable. Several common micro dozen of strengths and weaknesses because special printers use scope is narrow, so it is not difficult to choose and buy. The following is a variety of different general characteristics of the micro printer, for users to choose and reference. 1 type micro printer, needle type micro printer is relatively common micro printer, domestic useful early Epson print head ( Printing machine) Production of products. Needle is playing a good print documents can be preserved for a long time, of course, this requires the choose and buy of the ink on the ribbon must be good quality, so those used in a lot of convenience stores are injection, and because the pin type print head control is simple, cheaper panel solution can be used to produce, therefore cheaper. But needles and also has many disadvantages: large noise, slow speed of print, the print head loss fast, often need to change the ribbon. Because of its principle, these are insurmountable. 2, thermal micro thermal printer micro printer is also more common micro printer, pin type micro printer appears than late. Thermal printers print speed, low noise, mechanical consumption is rare in the print head, and don't need the ribbon, dispense with the trouble that change the ribbon. But it also has disadvantages, because it is using a thermal paper, cannot be stored indefinitely, under the condition of closed light can save 1 - For five years. 3, wireless micro printer wireless micro printer now most are based on the IrDA infrared technique, but the IrDA protocols is complex, the accuracy of the data transmission cannot be guaranteed. 4, micro printer cable compared with wireless micro printer, the higher the reliability of data transmission, but if use in mobile printing, will become very inconvenient. Above other considerations of choose and buy, introduces the advantages and disadvantages of several different printer, but could you choose and buy when will still have a lot of questions, here's the printer need to pay attention to other matters in the choose and buy 1, print character set character set may not be exactly the same as to meet the needs of users, some only need Numbers, some need to English, some need to Chinese characters, when the choose and buy must pay attention to the need of the character set. 2, overall dimensions and weight if it is in a fixed place of printer, so as long as enough space, the size and weight of the printer is not too much to consider, and if it is easy to carry, must consider the overall dimensions and weight. 3, power supply power supply for micro printer now there are two ways, ( The electronic slightly below) There was no way to use the printer. 4, paper roll size if the user use frequently, so want to consider the size of the paper roll, frequent replacement of paper roll is a disgusting thing. 5, print width and print the amount of data the width measure, it is best to print the number of characters per line 57 mm wide paper, such as the same number of 24 printable characters, few can only play 10 characters, depending on the needs of users to determine the which one to use. 6, consumables and needle thermal printer consumables, so also the diameter of a roll of paper, thermal printing paper, but expensive; Needle to play with the paper shorter, but cheap. If according to print the same amount of data, both on the printer paper consumption of about the same, but the needle consuming ribbon, so, in general, the consumption of thermal printer consumables. 7, other special requirements for some users will have some special requirements, such as can print barcode, printed graphics, etc. , can choose different products in different vendors
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