How to classify the micro printer? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-26
Micro printer is widely used in various industries, such as finance, retail, catering, lottery industry, transportation industry, Including taxi, airline tickets, luqiao charges, etc. ) , gas stations, health care, postal, utility meter reading, mobile police system, mobile e-government system, and so on. How to classify the micro printer? According to the principle of printing points: pin type ( Subdivided into word wheel, shuttle matrix matrix, 24, 9 needle matrix) , thermal, Subdivided into column thermal type, line type thermal) , inkjet, ink, laser ( Behind the two types of print microcomputers are less) 。 According to the application points: due to the micro printer, they are widely used in various fields so into the financial retail business ( Efficient consumer response) , POS, dozen tickets on transportation machine, automatic calling distributor of service industry, etc. According to the mobility points: desktop machine and handheld ( Portable) Machine, desktop machine generally by the ac power supply, fast; And handsets to use voltage is low, the slower. Can be divided into: according to the use special micro printer ( Mainly used for special purposes of micro printer, such as professional barcode CARDS and micro printer, usually need a professional software and special programs support) And general micro printer ( Using range is wide, can support many kinds of equipments of printing) 。 From the print pattern classification: pin type micro printer, Adopts the printing way is to print needle hit ribbon ribbon printing ink printing on printing paper) , thermal micro printer ( With a heating way, that is the thermal medium and color on the printing paper) , micro printer (thermal transfer Carried the carbon carbon powder by means of heating the carbon powder on the printing paper, now in addition to ticket barcode printers and printer, domestic use rarely in other fields) And so on. From the data transmission way classification: wireless micro printer and micro printer cable. Wireless micro is using infrared or bluetooth technology in data communication, micro play cable data communication via the serial or parallel way, of course, usually play with wireless micro serial or parallel port, you can through the way of the cable for data communications.
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