How to do a good job of maintenance of portable printers print head? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-04
Many different kinds of printers, according to the print element for paper punch, points smite the printer and the printer. According to the structure of printed character, all form word printers and dot matrix printer. The way the words on the paper form, split line printer and printer. So how to do a good job of maintenance of portable printers print head? In order to avoid the scratch, often clean portable printers print head and use high quality smooth, and back with membrane layer of thermal transfer ribbon to reduce friction, reduce portable printers print head pressure and temperature printing. Ensure the ribbon width is wider than the label to prevent exposure to the print head labeled abrade, ribbon layer caused by the print head back after thermal paper and thermal transfer ribbon pollution will need to set value of the high temperature and high pressure, high speed high, pollutant accumulation on the print head needle heat transfer obstacle and affect the quality of printing image. Pollution increases gradually decreased print quality and print looks matt or damage to the needle, pollutants and make wet cotton swab to clean, in order to avoid the ribbon back layer caused by the dirty, need to use is back with a layer of protection of thermal transfer ribbon, the ribbon to consult non-viscous ribbon. Both electrostatic and more lubrication, often do portable printers print head of maintenance, use our print head protection film can be quickly and easily remove the print head trash accumulation, it is recommended to use portable printer manufacturers provide label and ribbon to achieve the best printing effect, and can reduce the wear and tear for the print head.
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