How to identify this device thermal paper? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-17

the cashier all day counting money, tore receipts, two actions, if improper operation will affect the body health, some people habitually when counting money can dip in the saliva, will combine bacteria and harmful substances into the body, and it seems the cashier is also a risky positions.

and often companies use the thermal paper is poor, often can see off the phenomenon such as powder, that is the thermal coating fall off. Came out for a while before the news: thermal paper contains carcinogens, thermal paper, there is no national standards.

to businesses and consumers of health, suggest you can choose when choosing thermal paper is three thermal paper, the thermal layer on a layer of protection layer, scratch resistance, thermal coating will not fall off.

is three thermal paper instead of bisphenol A, harmful substances and the quality of protective coating not only makes the scratch resistance of paper, and A waterproof, oil, alcohol, drug resistance and other properties.

top electronic specialized in thermal paper production, wholesale, custom, product types have a POS machine printing paper, cash register paper, ATM slip of paper, adhesive thermal paper, etc. , are widely used in banking, telecommunications, retail, services and other enterprises and institutions.

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