Label printer common failures and solutions to a problem _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-04-11
Label printer paper is not normal, after only half zhang, to print a red light, The machine)

reasons: printer error parameter Settings.

the solution: Z4M machine, for example. Click on the start menu & ndash;> Set up & ndash;> The printer & ndash;> Choose Z4M machine & ndash;> Right click & ndash;> Property & ndash;> Print the first option & ndash;> DocumentOption——> DispenseMode—> Choose TearOff with respect to OK. Label printer when printing small labels will not reach the designated position, print the contents of partial or total up slants down

why: label is too small, sensors are difficult to sensor to the paper.

the solution: general label high at least more than 10 more than just good positioning, otherwise will be to offset Settings TAB. In the tag set, the label set to higher than the actual label tall a 5 mm or so, and then according to the specific migration situation to offset Settings TAB. Font clear label printers, barcode is not clear

why: bar code content is too much, the density is too small.

the solution: shorten the barcode content or increasing the density. For 200 dpi and 300 dpi machine, bar code density generally want to be in more than 7 mils to scaling factor to 2 or more than 2, print out the barcode is clear. Label printer to print the content of print is not completely.

reasons: printing software and driver version is too low.

the solution: install the new version of the software and drivers.

5。 Often appear when label printer paper jumping

why: print setup error.

the solution: in the paper size and spacing is correct, change the BMP format printing to PCX format for printing.

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