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by:Xprinter     2020-05-26

a, paper printers, after electrify alarm cannot online print

phenomenon: open the printer power switch, printer honk, honk, and call the police, prompted online printing.

ruled out: it had a lot to do with using environment and daily maintenance. If you use a printer environment is poor, dust, it is easier to appear the problem. Because of the dust accumulated on the print head moving shaft, and lubricating oil mixed together, is piling up, form a larger resistance, make the print head cannot move smoothly, online printing. Can turn off the power supply, clean up the shaft with a soft paper, drops on sewing machine oil again, move the print head repeatedly wipe wash dirty things, the last in a clean on the axis of the oil and move the print head make its uniform distribution, boot can work normally.

expert clew: in order to prolong the service life of the printer, the printer should be paid attention to dust and working environment temperature, give it a small dust, temperature, The environment temperature for 10 - commonly 40 degrees, too high too low is bad) Where appropriate, sunshine can't direct.

2, paper printers don't respond

phenomenon: after the print command, the printer has no reaction, prompted the printer is online and cable connection is normal.

reasons: failure cause of printer does not print there are many kinds of, a printer, also have a computer. Introduces the following respectively:

ruled out: 1. Check whether the printer is in a state of online. In most OnLine button next to have a counter on the printer OnLine lamp, under normal circumstances the OnLine lamp should normally on state. If the light is not bright or in a blink state, then online is not normal, check the printer power on, the printer power switch is on, the printer cable is properly connected, etc. If online indicator light is normal, turn off the printer, and then opened, the test page prints out look is normal. 2. Check if the printer has been set as the default printer. Click start - - - - - - - Settings - - - - - - - Printer, check the current use of the printer icon on whether there is a small black hook, and then set the printer as the default printer. If the printer window does not use the printer, click add printer icon, and then according to the prompt for installation.

3。 Check if the printer has been set to suspend print. Method is to use the printer window, right-click the printer icon in the drop-down menu to check whether there is a small hook suspension on the print options, if selected to suspend print please cancel this option.

4。 Check whether the computer's hard disk space left is too small. If the system hard disk space available below 10 MB cannot print, check method is to use right click on the install Windows in my computer's hard drive icon, and select properties, in the general TAB check disk space, if a hard disk space left less than 10 MB, you must empty the recycle bin to delete temporary files on the hard disk, outdated or no longer use the files, to release more space.

5。 Check whether the printer driver is appropriate and the print configuration is correct. In the printer properties window details TAB, check the following content: in the print to the following port selection box, check the printer port Settings are correct, the most commonly used port for USB port, some printers use parallel; If you can't print large files, should review the all the timeout value of timeouts columns, this option is only effective for directly connected to the computer printer, when using the network printer is invalid.

6。 Check the computer's BIOS Settings in the printer port is open. BIOS Settings, if it is a parallel printer, use the port should be set to Enable, some printer doesn't support ECP type print port signal, print port should be set to Normal or ECP + EPP mode; If it is a USB printer, should open the USB device interface.

7。 In the computer virus can cause printer does not print, need to check whether there is a virus in the computer, at this time if there is need to use anti-virus anti-virus software.

8。 Check the printer driver is damaged. Available right click the printer icon, select delete, and then double-click add printer, reinstall the printer driver.

9。 Printer into carton paper or paperboard, printer ink cartridges, ribbons, or the validity of carbon powder compact, such as invalid and will not be printed.

10。 If the above methods can't be ruled out the problem, then it is possible that the computer parallel port is bad, need to repair the computer.

expert clew: check the printer cable connection is correct, the need to turn the printer cable unplug from the mainframe parallel port, at this time, be sure to turn off the host, not charged plug, otherwise it may damage the printer.

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