Label printer should be used in what kind of environment? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-06
Due to the modern people more and more high demand for the living environment, the design grade of paper printer has been the attention of people, paper printers in China, and even the world even in the industry has a very important identity and status, as a paper printer manufacturers, which means that on the cause of the responsibilities and obligations. Label printer should be used in what kind of environment? By paper printer manufacturers to introduce: 1. Well ventilated, flat on the horizontal plane, 2. Machine clean, not dusty; 3. Don't label printer row see mouth; 4. Label printer cannot receive direct sunlight; 5. Don't put the printer with a magnetic field near the equipment; 6. Label printer for precision machine, can't touch; 7. 10 - indoor temperature 35 between; Humidity 20% - 80%; 8. Can't put label printer in content with salt or corrosive gas environment; 9. Don't put air conditioning bill printer beside; 10. Close to the power socket installation, such as occurred leakage phenomenon, can immediately cut off power supply.
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