Notes on the kitchen printers use _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-02
Kitchen printer for a hotel, restaurant is of great significance, as usual at the time of use should pay attention to what issues? Top electronics to introduce the below points: 1. When open, open at kitchen printer suggest a day after the close; 2. When replacement of printing paper, please close the printer; 3. The kitchen printer failure usually has several: ( 1) No electricity power supply, check the socket, printer power interface, printer switch is open; ( 2) On the print server power supply is normal; ( 3) If there's any loose for network cables, network whether lamp lights up; ( 4) Printers print server interface and loose; ( 5) Whether the printer cutter appear stuck; 4. Kitchen printer encounter failure, the system will automatically transfer printing task to set up good archives mouths on the printer, if found to be other archives mouths to make single, in a timely manner to the archives mouths, and let them check the archives mouths in time printing equipment is working correctly; 5. The printer to print the handwriting, such as fuzzy, is the print head with dirt, timely with dry brush sweep in the print head can be used normally;
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