Portable printers fault and general solutions to a problem _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2023-08-29

portable printers often have some trouble in the process of using, listed below small make up a portable printers often encounter some of the faults and general solution, this method is applicable to all types of portable printers, hoping to help the masses of users.

if the sensor fails, you can clean the surface of the sensor dust, or contact the manufacturer to replace, if the print head surface with dust, or portable printers print appear wear for a long time, can use alcohol to clean the print head or replace the print head.

if uneven pressure paper springs, or limit paper no sign on table width adjustment, can be addressed by adjusting spring and limit paper, increase the print temperature, increase the concentration of print, namely replace carbon belt and label paper, readjust the print head position, especially pay attention to its highly consistent.

according to the different medium of portable printer to adjust the print head pressure, the print head under normal conditions of pressure, adjusting nut to the top of the print is fruit best, otherwise there will be a rubber roller printing deformation for a long time, carbon with wrinkle, printing effect is poor.

if the mainboard or EPROM is damaged, you can contact the manufacturer, to replace the mainboard or properly installed an EPROM, correct installation media again, adjust the print temperature, as far as possible meet the requirements of printing, the minimum pressure required to reset the print, resetting medium amount of paper right away.

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