Pos cash register print out receipts reason _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2023-08-30

we both in supermarkets, restaurants, or store consumption, there will be a consumption by the amount of evidence, that is what we call the cashier paper receipts. If appear problem, buy goods receipts paper not only can safeguard the rights and interests of the consumer, also can reduce the distance merchants to consumers. Understand the importance of the cashier receipts paper, poor dimensional sight small make up will tell you, if the POS cash register paper print out receipts, what should I do?

check the appearance of the printer, check whether the electricity, is there a paper jam, whether roller damage, etc. , if not the printer itself, then you can check into the next phase of the software problem.

the first thing to know what they are using the cash register software support paper printing, general background on the cash register software can clearly see. Then see if install driver, open the POS cash register equipment and printers can view here. If not installed driver, or is deleted by mistake, want to contact the cash register manufacturers there after-sales personnel for remote installation. Still have a kind of situation, is the problem of POS cash register software Settings, in order to better see cloud cash register software, for example, first of all, we first open the cash register at the front of the software, login after completion, click the system Settings in the upper left corner, then click on the docket print Settings, after simple set his needs, and then click on the bottom of the drive to print, open drive to print receipts can normal use.

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