The advantages of thermal transfer printing printing devices _

by:Xprinter     2023-08-24
Many friends don't know thermal transfer printing, today will give you introduce: with the maturity and popularity of the thermal transfer technology, thermal transfer printer prices dropped to a degree, the general public are acceptable now there may be a lot of people don't know, now a barcode with the price of carbon, print directly actually has to be lower than the cost of printing. Main advantages in: 1, can print a small amount of diversity, so will not result in a waste, even if only a also can print. 2, take advantage of the barcode, cooperate to use scanning gun, do reduce artificial processing time and to reduce the cost. 3, can according to need to print all kinds of graphics, especially the company's logo and certification by the sign. 4, you can print the sequence number, tracking products. 5, can connect the database information to extract data printing. 6, can be used in production lines, tracking production at any time, to avoid excess stock. 7, can be used in warehouse management, at any time to master the latest inventory. 8, you can print your ticket, or a variety of paper, speed, higher quality. 9, can choose according to need, resistance to high temperature, strong corrosion resistance type or paste the label printing. 10, print can be very fast, every second fastest speed can reach 15 cm length. 11, and the cutting knife is used, can immediately cutting, ideal for ticket. 12, editing, computer print content and print effect than printing. 13, the use of system integration solutions to the medium of barcode labels, improve procurement, production, warehousing, logistics, sales management system.
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