The bar code printer technology for consumers to distinguish true and false wine _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-15

3· 15 international consumer rights day, chongqing based on organization and coordination of relevant departments and industry associations in the city, was held in chongqing city cultural center square 3 & middot; Opening ceremony of the 15 series of activities at the event, appraisal of experts from the tobacco, alcohol, and other industries the imparting of false tips to the citizen, the psychological pitfalls of citizens in identifying fake pointed out, and help people to identify fake goods, prevent cheated.

false JiuPingGai sealing lax

experts told reporters that generally false wine AoTuGan cap at the top of the decorative pattern is very poor, decorative pattern is not clear, cap sealing is lax, colour and lustre is old, and counterfeit liquor printing production date will be around the cap is very fuzzy, the date of the liquor is really have very tiny dots, very clear.

in addition to the bottle cap, consumers can also by observing the bottle around the labels to help judgment, because the counterfeiters would buy old bottles used in the counterfeiting, consumers once found traces of glue around the label, the label paper is smooth, no small AoTuGan, text fuzzy, color is not straight, you can judge are fakes. In addition, if it is found that the bottle neck to stick bar code printers, barcode in bending, opening line of teeth is not neat, shades, plastic sleeve or coarse iron hoop, etc can all be counterfeit.

alcohol fraud grand leveller

a lot of people think the fraud, high-grade wine actually all kinds of wine will be fakes, even beer were fake! Zhongshan city council of wine experts told reporters that no matter what brand of wine, as long as have good market in the market, someone will fake profit, there is absolutely no & lsquo; The low & rsquo; The points. He warns customer, don't cry because it is a general wine will ignore the possibility of buy fakes.

we recently discovered that there are still a lot of fraud molecules making false start in beer. He tells a reporter, in a recent survey, they found the counterfeiters wholesale model of a certain brand of beer, then cap and the replacement of the label for the brand pure draft beer, before sales, after the beer label change turned into a pure raw type model, an improved price immediately, more troubling, because beer been open bottle caps, it is easy to cause bacteria breeding, cause beer spoilage, affect the health of consumers.

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