The carbon printing devices with small knowledge introduction _

by:Xprinter     2020-05-05
Today to talk about the carbon tape: the carbon belt is environmental protection, it is through the use of to return to natural raw materials for carbon belt, not only that, the whole series of carbon products all through the world recognized the Swiss SGS company for lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PCBS), polybrominated diphenyl ether and so on six environmental protection certification. Zebra products represent the quality of science and technology, it is also reflected in the zebra carbon belt, the carbon belt will be able to fully adapt to the heat transfer characteristics of bar code printers, print head, developed is suitable for the zebra zebra printers, thermal transfer printing head carbon belt, reduce the wear and tear of the print head and consumption so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the print head and reduce maintenance costs, the print quality of bar code printer is the best embodiment. One, the carbon composition: 1, the carbon with generally consists of five layers, the top coating, printing ink layer, internal coating, and back coating 1) Ink layer: is the main, one side coated wax base, polyester resin base or mixed ink, is used to print and decided to use the properties of carbon belt, such as chemical resistance and anti friction. 2) Internal coating is mainly used to smooth the surface of the printing, and made the consistency of ink from the base to release. 3) Base is the carrier of other layers, and determine the performance of the heat conduction. 4) Top coating is mainly used to improve the adhesion of ink on the label, strengthen environmental resistance. 5) Simply back coating is coated on the back of carbon with a layer of special coating, it mainly is to reduce the effect of the print head wear; Reduce electrostatic generation and strengthen heat transfer, there is no ink side coated with antistatic protective coating, to prevent wear and damage of the print head. 2, the carbon of part is: the shake handshandle of former leader, after the tape. 1) Former leader ( ZEBRALOGO) : the color of the former leader is usually green or blue, convenient to the carbon bring to the printer on a scroll, 2) Product identification: English ZEBRA and graphics, is used to distinguish between other brands carbon belt. 3) After gubernaculum in general is a warning role, let the printer induction to the end of the carbon belt, printer determines the different rear zone, there are three main types: aluminum plating ( Silver) Said: mainly for reflective sensor, the reflected light carbon end of tape, transparent: used for transmission type sensor, light through said carbon was allowed to take out, the sensor used in mechanical way, printer induction tension change said carbon belt out. 3, carbon belt axial commonly there are two kinds of paper and plastics, the main is not deformation and not slide in print. 1) Environmental clean type: the inner shaft use of renewable plastic shaft, with functions of dust-free, used in dust-free workshop use. 2) Greenest: inner shaft with internal paper paper shaft with ZEBRA ZEBRA in Chinese and English. Three, the carbon with specifications: 1, basic width ( 毫米) : 24, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 83,,89,90, 2, 110131154160174220, the basic length ( m) : 3, 70100, 300450600, carbon coil to: carbon, carbon 4, axis of carbon belt: 1 inch and 1/2 inch of four, the carbon storage and transportation environment: in order to ensure the best performance, please use according to the requirements of the following environment, transport and storage of carbon with 1, storage and transportation environment: 5 ℃ - 35℃,45%- 85% relative humidity, transportation, environment: 2 - 5℃- 45℃,20%- 85% relative humidity, time not more than a month 3, store environment: - 5℃- 40℃,20%- Under the condition of 85% deposit, three years 4, please don't take carbon direct exposure to the sun and humid environment, so as not to cause unnecessary damage of carbon belt
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