The characteristics of portable printers _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-18
Portable printer is mainly used for all kinds of outdoor and the fixed workplace printing paper USES, in a fixed office universal printing 20 years later, the crowd of all kinds of work in the outdoor is about to lose handwritten documents because of the birth of the product, spread to print. Suitable for print all kinds of field generated by the documents, such as traffic tickets, all kinds of field of law enforcement documents, fee list, cash registration for registration, notice of meter reading, goods, on-site orders and so on. The characteristics of portable printers: 1. Super small volume, convenient to carry; 2. Auto sleep and wake up function, prolong the life time of the battery; 3. Automatic paper out detection alarm; 4. Black calibration detection, automatic paging print; 5. The large capacity battery, super long print, a charge the longest can print 18 meters; 6. Two infrared and bluetooth transmission configuration, communication flow guarantee; 7. Support the client local upgrade program; 8. Support duplex non-carbon autotype print, print can be preserved for a long time, clearly not fade.
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