The factors affecting the speed of the bar code printer, speed, how to improve? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-17

speed is business opportunities, as long as the right, you can create a good benefit chain reaction, gen rongxin small make up today about zebra barcode printers print speed on a topic of discussion for everybody:

several factors, which affect the bar code printer to print speed? And how can we go to adjust?

now we know first what is the printing speed, print speed is a printer to print tag is the tag moving speed, zebra barcode printer speed is determined by ^ PR in the programming language commands. Bar code printer to print speed is to use it in a unit time to print the product using the widest represented the length of the label paper, generally use the mm/s ( Mm/SEC) Said, that is, in a second can print paper labels for how long.

print speed after we talk about improving zebra barcode printer speed below should have what kind of way:

1, the use of parallel, rather than the original factory to provide serial port. Although a serial port connection is simple, the use of wide, but its drawback is slow. For general application is ok, but for the occasions with higher requirements on speed, please change to use parallel interface separately.

2, selection of high-grade bar code printer. High-end printers print to allow for maximum speed is much higher than low. ( Zebra barcode printers with the lowest speed usually is 51 mm/s' 2 inches per second) , the high speed of up to 254 mm/s' 10 inches per second) , the highest can amount to 406 mm/s' 16 inches per second) On market, is currently the industrial-grade barcode printers highest speed, if need to print in a short time a large number of labels, should choose high speed printer. Bar code printer speed depends on the printer model you are using. )

3, set up the printing speed for high speed mode, the default Settings for medium speed. However, the higher the speed, the worse they print effect.

4, use a lower resolution of the print head. The faster the zebra barcode printer to print, print resolution is lower, the speed and the effect is not given.

5, using the latest drivers. Zebra barcode printer drivers have important influence on the performance of the printer, also affect the interaction of the printer connected to the other parallel port devices. Should check whether the bar code printer is using the latest printer driver.

6, select connected to the computer practical zebra barcode printer as current ( The default) System bar code printer.

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