The micro printer unlimited market potential _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-15
We will not forget to print invoices, taking a taxi this quickly print out the invoice is the micro printer works. The micro printer has plays a more and more important role in people's life, more and more frequently appeared in people's field of vision. A market with enormous potential in the tax-controlled equipment market, mainly is the need of tax -controlling printer bring demand for micro printer machine. In addition, in the tax-controlled application equipment, will also drive the business and service units to form a complete set new requirements for general micro printer, mainly printing trade goods receipt, slip and content details. The development of the micro printer is affected by the tax-controlled device market development. Micro movement is the micro printer, tax-controlled tills printout of the core components of equipment, is the most expensive city, has a high technical content, the key of the manufacturing process requirement is very complicated parts closely. Printer machine core procurement cost is the key factors that affect the cost of its products. Any key to cost control ability, the presence of tiny print machine domestic production capacity, will be about the development of China's miniature printer, it is the key to the miniature printer industry competition. Micro play movement has become the key to the development of China's micro play and ensure the equipment industry bottlenecks and the key to the future environment.
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