The three printer 'never expected' _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-06-05
Now, the printer has become indispensable in the office or the family is an important partner. But, you know those things let a person never imagined a printer? High-performance excitation wildest dreams play is not expensive once upon a time, laser printers, especially the major purchase of color laser printer crowd has been the enterprise users, price and use high cost to make a lot of small micro enterprises and individual users can choose inkjet. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, laser printer's price is much higher than inkjet printers, even color laser printers and multi-function equipment into the ordinary people. We near the search reveals that the current selling an entry-level excited to play DocuPrint P115b only 549 yuan, and it's the brand is famous for its printing & ndash; — Fuji xerox, introduction to the more than 500 yuan of excitation is unambiguous, dozen performance fully meet the level of business jets: 600 & times; 600 dpi resolution and printing printing velocity of 20 pages per minute. For example, in a recent Tmall mall sales first all-in-one Fuji xerox M158b, can print, copy, scan is only 900 yuan. And the user of this product is the most cost-effective that are mentioned in the comments. M158b besides cost-effective outstanding, also adopted a number of previously applied to middle and high-end technology and convenient functions of commercial products. Laser printing can be so province wildest dreams about laser printers, many people worry about the problem of printing costs, impression, after all, the price of the drum unit and toner is not low, is printing a big spending. In the past, the laser printer consumables is drum powder, toner is exhausted, even if the drum unit can also use, also want to buy a set of drum powder storehouse. And now there are many models is drum powder separation design, and even machine configuration is long life of drums, toner used up every time need to change the toner warehouse. And the original toners prices are also very friendly. Fuji xerox M158b form a complete set of the original large capacity toner CT202229 can print 1000 pages, for 100 multivariate, a leaflet printing costs less than 0. 13 yuan. And probably for most used for the ink-jet printer consumer, can fill powder is the most economical way to save money. We also search for several models, such as Fuji xerox M115b and M228b, these models of domestic material compatibility is very good, it can save a sum of expenses. Good experience for consumers, not only to save money, and effort. If the printer and the more convenient function all-in-one, easier then the application up more naturally. M228b such as Fuji xerox machine is equipped with zoom, epoxy resin/copy of four unity, as well as convenient functions such as copy of ID is a key, still can achieve file scan to email directly, or will scan files attached to an email convenient way to scan. Never imagined what paper can play card is the most frequently encountered trouble in print, and most consumer headaches, sometimes in order to remove the jammed paper, may also cut drum unit, affect the use. One of the reasons is the paper and paper quality, thickness and other factors, for many printer, too thin or too thick can't print. As well as environmental factors, such as too wet or too dry electrostatic paper is also very easy to paperboard, imagine if a printer can print a variety of materials, not only the size of the paper, also can in wet or dry environment doesn't have a paper jam, will worry a lot. Known as the super powers in the paper the Fuji xerox 228/268 series printers have strong ability of paper treatment, including the A4, A5, can apply B5 and 16 k and so on the many kinds of size paper output, and for coated paper, envelopes and other paper also can print easily. For the print shop orders, medical prescription and government documents is very convenient. Many printers are adopted different techniques to avoid paper. Such as superheros paper bully series printer adopts the intelligent card proof technology and unique in design, the paper can effectively prevent the paper jam problem. Multiple models such as Fuji xerox P115b market sell like hot cakes, M118W, M158b, M115b, M228b, P268 all use smart card technology, not only don't have a paper jam, even after rub into paper wrinkle paper can smooth printing. See so much, wildest dreams about whether your printer has the further solution? By the laser printer market, according to the above points is introduced, combined with their actual use demand, the choose and buy one to save money, effort and worry truly cost-effective printer is easy!
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