Thermal transfer printer knowledge introduction _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-04-04
Printers can be divided into many types, but most people know the printer is usually a needle, inkjet and laser printing, but you may not have noticed, we live in a environment around, almost all goods have printed label by using thermal transfer technology, for example, open the following from, for example, the internal can see the thickly dotted with barcode label, generally the advanced packaging wheat head has to thermal transfer printed a piece of product labeling stickers, also usually with barcode. Additional, when buying clothing, clothing tags is on printing, thermal transfer printing way behind the electrical products, in particular, there are some thermal transfer technology is used to print the marking label, like a laptop is more than a way of of all kinds in this print to print label. Why do you want to use thermal transfer printing, thermal transfer is how come? Because there are a lot of label, it must be able to withstand the test of time, for a long time not to distort, words must be long-term preservation, and can't fade, not by coming into contact with the solvent will wear, not because of high temperature deformation change color, so it is necessary to adopt a kind of special printing media and printed materials to ensure that these features, general of ink-jet printing technology cannot achieve, laser printing, may be beyond the reach and needle dozen effect with the original design can't meet the requirements, and there was the emergence of thermal transfer technology. Thermal transfer technology, simply put, is to use a special carbon belt, through similar to the working principle of the fax machine to print head, carried the carbon carbon powder coating after heating way, transfer to the paper or on other kinds of material, the carbon coating material of the belt can choose according to need, have strong adhesion, and print media choice, more can ensure printed handwriting is not affected by the outside world. And how the process of heating, heating, can be handed over to the computer to control, because have already developed a variety of software designed to print label, so, for the user, can saying is very convenient, especially in general to produce the barcode labels, bar code symbol of therefore has become an essential tool for this software. General printer design, usually for A4 size to design, some people in order to print labels in this paper, must the other special order, is not the economy, and for factory, sometimes must be an hour to print perform a number of thousands of copies, these existing printer on the market are unable to complete, so the design of a can for small paper, can be continuous fast printing printer arises at the historic moment. Special label printer more than that, it is also in accordance with the need of the factory, to combine or keyboard scanning gun, can the independent operation, does not necessarily need to able to operate a personal computer, just like the photo printer now, can directly read data, don't have to rely on the computer, without additional investments of the factory.
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