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by:Xprinter     2020-06-03
Summary of conventional bar code consists of reflectivity vary widely in the black and white in the design of parallel lines. When the machine to print out the barcode label can't be barcode scanner to scan, in addition to the scanner the cause of the problem, consider if there is a problem to print out the barcode. Bar code label printing note those problems? 1, barcode yan

conventional bar code is made up of reflectivity vary widely article black and white in parallel pattern. When the machine to print out the barcode label can't be barcode scanner to scan, in addition to the scanner the cause of the problem, consider if there is a problem to print out the barcode.

bar code label printing note those problems?

1, the color bar

barcode color is one of the factors affect the normal scanner to read. Conventional barcode scanner light setup for 630 ~ 700 nm wavelength red light source commonly, shot in different material and color of the surface of the bar code, the reflection of the effect also different. Which can absorb red, black and white complete reflection on red light, and therefore most users to print bar code USES white label, carbon black belt.

as some users have special request for packaging visual effect, also have to choose other color collocation, the editor of shenzhen vision for helpful hints: bar code printing and printing should be according to the properties of color is tie-in, often to the color of red light high reflectivity are yellow, orange, red, light, etc. ; And, such as black, green, purple, blue to red light reflectance is low.

2, print medium type

the color of the bar code printing media, transparency and gloss, has certain influence on the bar code read. When the bar code read, scanning light sources are typically 45 & deg; Angle of incidence and the reflected light gathering Angle is 15 & deg; , if the reflected light for more than 15 & deg; Scope, could not the reflected light signal collection, so request print media with good light scattering properties, and can't appear mirror

3, barcode printing quality

source of black and white lines is to scan the barcode to read, print effect should be clear, no obvious deformity and complete spilled ink phenomenon. If barcode printing, bar code appear slight deformity and spilled ink phenomenon, which can determine the print quality is bad, but better performance scanner can read; If if is bar code defect and stain range is larger, and even printed pages or beyond the border of label, shows the barcode has been unable to read, suggest test print bar code equipment.

4, barcode scaling

some long restricted by width of barcode labels, bar code must shrink ratio to complete printing, at this moment, or will lead to the low precision of the scanner cannot identify high density arrangement of barcode, triggering the scanner and matching of the contents of the barcode printing problems. Editor's advice before printing, the user first print data content is not a long bar code label test the applicability of the scanning device.

5, the types of bar code system

are usually made on market generic code for code128, code39, code93, EAN - 13 and so on, if the code system is beyond the scope of the print, need to open a bar code scanner scanning function of the other code system.

a shenzhen with automatic identification technology as the core of Internet of high-tech enterprises, enterprises always adhere to the customer demand as the guide, is committed to providing customers with a full range of bar code equipment application services. Main business of the

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