Bar code printer carbon with wax base of choose and buy, mixed base, the difference between full resin _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2023-08-22
When the user in the bar code printer carbon belt, often encounter ask carbon with wax, mixed base, full resin which one would you like, what's different about before the three. Small make up today explain their differences from three aspects, 1. The price. 2. Printing. 3. Save. With wax wax base carbon carbon belt, often referred to as containing a high percentage of wax feedstocks, and the material determines the carbon with the melting point of applicable occasion: common label, shipping, warehouse and receiving tag, shell and packing, shipping and address label, retailing label and clothing tag label applicable medium: coating paper labels and tags ( Thermal transfer paper, ordinary coated paper) , polyethylene film ( PE) , polypropylene film ( BOPP) This kind of carbon belt around 1 yuan per square meter price with resin matrix resin matrix carbon carbon belt usually refers to the resin composition containing the highest proportion, it at the time of printing needs energy level is higher than the wax base mixed base. Applicable medium: dedicated to bad situation; Delivery, warehouse and receiving labels, chemical barrels, pharmaceutical products and takes care of the production process and property, car, nursery and timber, polyethylene film ( PE) Polypropylene film ( BOPP) , polyester ( PET) And polyimide vinyl, washer wrinkle fabric price market of this kind of carbon belt around 3 yuan per square metre. Wax/tree mixed base with wax carbon/carbon mixed base band is usually a high percentage of the resin composition of raw materials, it is also decided the wax/tree mixed base carbon with high melting point, so the use of this carbon with print when compared with the wax base carbon belt also need high level. This kind of carbon belt around 2 yuan per square meter price washer wrinkle fabric is special resin base carbon with applicable medium: paper. Coated paper, synthetic paper; Textiles. Fabric coated label; Thin film.
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