Bar code printer common problem solution _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-05-30
1. Bar code printer by printing after just a paper error: no detectable paper label sensors, please check the label sensor under the label paper is aligned label paper printing content, and to do the test paper. 2. 2140 double row printing label paper error: please label paper in the printer properties into label paper side by side. ( Print & ndash; Property & ndash; Volume & ndash; Medium type & ndash; Side by side label) 3. Print content ambiguous: cheng machine: press print adjust the print shade, copper plate paper label around 10 degrees, laminating, the silver label paper to print more than 15, 16 degrees in depth, can adjust appropriately, carbon printing with heat transfer, thermal paper with thermal. Stand like a machine: printing & ndash; Property & ndash; Option & ndash; Depth, the check & lsquo; With the current printer setup & rsquo; Take out, adjust depth, copper label paper in 8 & ndash; 9 degrees or so, laminating, the silver label paper printing depth in 13 degrees above, can be adjusted. 4. To jump a piece of paper to print printer: check the label size typesetting software is beyond the scope to print labels; Press the feed key to see whether the machine out two pieces of paper; If it is to do the test paper. 5. Examination no response after press print: print the barcode machine carbon label is properly installed, whether the print line is loose, stand like a machine to check the barcode printer driver is working correctly ( Inside the computer operating system to find printers and faxes, check the barcode machine drive, right click & ndash; Property & ndash; Print test pages) 。 6. Barcode printer to print the code, or don't show, much content after the input Numbers or letters: cheng machine: check text input mode, please do not use AText built-in font input Chinese content, to use WINtext font type. Used generally are like machines: stood like argoxbartender10. 0, because the software is software, more than 30 days after the probation period trial version will be the case, please help options in software, version UItraLite choose to change the version back. 7. About the correct barcode machine noise flash problem: ( 1, if machine) Two consecutive rings twice: bar code machine no detectable paper; Two consecutive three ring: barcode printer carbon take an error; Two consecutive four ring: barcode machine printer head didn't cover; No sound two lights will shine at the same time: the print head temperature is too high. ( 2, serves as the machine) Two lights flash at the same time: the machine can't detect label paper; Two lights will flash alternately, the machine can't detect carbon belt. 8. Label label printing is completed, if the final end is still within the printer, will lead to tearing the inconvenience. The reason for the printer driver operation functions do not make setting: (after printing Print & ndash; & ndash; Volume & ndash; Column) , set up the operation for tear after printing, completion confirmation. 9. QLABEL software and found the action bar is full of English, how to change into Chinese: find the Advance in the task bar, click on the select language to choose would you can switch into Chinese 10. Bar code printing machine thermal paper error: bar code printing machine into a thermal model is needed when thermal paper printing: branch cheng machine ( Right there area space & ndash; Bar code machine set & ndash; Print mode & ndash; Thermal type) Stand like a machine, According to the print & ndash; Property & ndash; Volume & ndash; Print mode & ndash; Thermal) 11. Bartender software to print when prompted for the filename: first of all the print attributes, see if there are any click on print to file, if not on the system open the printer properties ( XP to open printers and fax open devices and printers Windows 7 system) Find the print driver, right-click properties & ndash; Port & ndash; Change the print port to any USB port
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