Bar code printer manufacturer to reveal print, label, what reason is carbon belt won't go _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-13
Bar code printer when printing, label, carbon belt won't go what reason be? The below small make up to tell you. 1: check the pressure of the printer, unilateral is too large, suggest to adjust to appropriate size; 2: such as: outside the factory whether carbon, or carbon belt can be used both inside and outside, this link check consumables have errors; 3: the cutting of carbon belt is bad ( Including paper about whether axial misalignment) ; 4: for thermal paper is not loaded with carbon print, observe whether carbon belt shaft rotation, such as turn verifies installation does not reach the designated position, not turning machine is broken ( Carbon with axial internal spring, with smaller sensor aging voltage) ; 5: surface coating and back coating of carbon belt stick together, belong to product quality problems.
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