Bar code printer toner how to correctly identify _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-10
Now the barcode printer toner brand on the market a lot, so, we how to correctly choose carbon powder, small make up to you the following identification method for the large customer reference: 1: fine precision: all kinds of carbon powder can meet 300 - 1200 dpi laser machine requirements; Type 2: blackness: plate making carbon powder, special black formula, increase the blackness of toner particles; Type 3: performance: plate making toner particles charged higher than common powder, keep the charge ability is strong, so carbon powder in the magnetic roller & ndash; OPC— Paper on the heat transfer process in the remaining voltage associated with the machine, make carbon powder can more fully transfer to the paper, greatly reducing the residual powder; 4: curing: carbon powder, both in copy paper, or in the plate making transfer paper, as well as polyester film medium have good adhesion; 5: fixing temperature: according to different type of fixing temperature and design, make its can fully melted under corresponding temperature, and in a short time, solidification, make better fixing effect of carbon powder on the medium, and non-stick upper fuser roller, fuser film, or using separation claw can easily to separate paper, reduce the paperboard and thus to minimize damage to related components; 6: small friction coefficient, ultrafine grained carbon powder reduced the degree of friction with the drum, can prolong the service life of the photosensitive drum, at the same time scraping plate is easy to clean the residual powder.
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