Bar code technology in the circulation of commodities in the supermarket management application _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-05-09
As is known to all, ordinary supermarket at least hundreds of commodities, large supermarkets or even thousands of tens of thousands of kinds of items. If it is in the commodity circulation management in traditional way of manual work, is very easy to get wrong, and bad management. Wireless terminals and bar code technology and application, is very good solve these problems. Editor here share with you the barcode application of circulation of commodities in the supermarket management. Supermarket commodity circulation link includes: receiving, inventory, warehouse, dispatch, check the price, sales, inventory, etc. Receiving: receiving department staff handheld wireless mobile terminals, wireless mobile terminal via wireless network and host connection has the charge of goods name, quantity, etc, the article number through scan the bar code of the goods shipped to confirm the article number, then enter the number of the goods, wireless mobile terminal can display this cargo whether meet the requirements of the order right away. If meet, then send the goods to warehouse. Inbound and outbound, inbound and outbound is actually the warehouse department and repeat the above steps, to increase this step is just for the convenience of management, the implementation of the various departments of responsibility, also can prevent some goods need to go into the mall and not put in storage after receiving the chaos. Points warehouse, warehouse warehouse department is the most important, is also the necessary procedure. Warehouse department staff handheld wireless mobile terminal ( Through the wireless network connected to the host wireless mobile terminal have the article number of the item, put the position, specific number etc) Scan the bar code of goods to confirm the article number, confirm the quantity. All data through the wireless network real-time transmission to the host. Check the price: price is supermarket a tedious task. Because the goods often have special offers or adjustment, chaos are apt to happen, so the salesman portable wireless hand-held terminals, waist hang a small bar code printers, according to the wireless mobile terminal on the host data check goods movements, the strain and haven't get goods, immediately through wireless mobile terminal connection small barcode printers for the changed new barcode label, stick on the shelves or goods. Sales: sales a, which is the lifeblood of the supermarket, mainly through the POS system to product barcode recognition, and equivalent exchange. Note: barcode label must be good quality, convenient assistant scanning, improve efficiency. Inventory: when the whole store inventory, supermarket can be divided into several regions, respectively by different seller, the seller is obtained by wireless hand-held terminals on a host's instructions, according to the specified route, specified order inventory goods, and then continue to count data transmission back to the host, during the inventory doesn't affect the normal operation of the supermarket. Inventory data in real time and host for data exchange, the whole operation of the supermarket also be clear at a glance. Obvious, the application of bar code technology and the wireless terminal, improve the management level of the supermarket to enhance work efficiency, bar code is the best way to improve its informatization supermarket. As the bar code automatic identification industry brand suppliers, shenzhen vision is committed to provide industry with the most suitable bar code application solutions and technical products.
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