Barcode printer undetectable position paper printing devices to do _ the problem

by:Xprinter     2020-07-11
Bar code printer in use process, probably because operators use undeserved, can appear all sorts of problems. For example, how to solve the problem of barcode printer undetectable position paper? We can take a look at. During the process, to barcode printer to replace paper barcode printers began to can't automatic detection of paper. Gap is a few pieces of white paper to print out the information, very waste paper barcode paper resources. At the same time, will appear with a problem is that the barcode paper single information effect is not ideal, produce offset. Barcode printer cannot detect the situation of paper, can eliminate the machine problem, method is by holding down the pause, open the machine power supply, such as barcode paper go after loosening, by pressing the feed to detect.
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