How to choose the barcode sticker paper _ printing equipment problem

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the barcode only on the carrier forms stickers barcode label paper is use value, but, how do you know a stickers barcode label paper is to satisfy your requirements? Of course, print quality is very important. You need the barcode label has enough precision, reflectivity and contrast, it has satisfactory first reading rate. But only on printing quality was not enough to guarantee your barcode application be successful, if you have a bar code label can't survive in the appropriate environment, or can't firmly stick on the surface of an object, or bar code reader read for many times, or the life cycle is not long enough, or can't meet UL, CSA and the relevant provisions of the government, then the bar code label it is no use value, you will fall short of barcode application system, therefore, when you invest in a bar code printing system, the first thing you need to test the system produces stickers barcode label paper will satisfy you.

surface paper/adhesive/bottom paper selects the

adhesive material consists of three parts: ( 1) Surface material ( 2) Glue ( 3) At the end of paper. The answers to the questions below can help us how to choose suitable materials.

1。 Permanent adhesive and can remove the points in the performance of the adhesive performance, general can be divided into two categories: permanent adhesive and can remove the adhesive. Emphasizes the significance of labeling surface by using the non-drying label material processing may be label on the surface of each and materials, such as glass, metal, cardboard, plastic, etc. And plastic can be further divided into: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), high density polyethylene. Tests have shown that different label on the surface of the largest impact on performance. Labeling the surface of the substrate structure intuitively, rough surface of the label will need strong glue viscosity. Labeling the substrate surface shape labeling base material surface is flat or curved surface, if the label surface have certain radian ( For example, the diameter of less than three centimeters of the surface of the bottle) May need to face paper good fitness stick or viscosity strong glue. Label attached on the surface of the purity of self-adhesive materials is the most suitable for surface cleaning, drying, WuYouJi labeling base material and dust. Add plastic on the bad influence of glue labeling conditions & ndash; Adhesive viscosity in cold, hot, humid or paste under room temperature. Using the environment & ndash; The non-drying label paper is exposed to the environment conditions well below freezing point, whether used in outdoor, high temperature, damp or contains ultraviolet light, and whether it close to the higher temperature of the car engine. Printing mode and processing method of adhesive material requirements in choosing a different way of printing, Such as flexible printing, letterpress, offset printing, thermal transfer and laser type and processing methods ( Such as volume to volume, volume to the leaflet, paper folding into mode, single to single) Later, before decided to printed material.

tag face paper choose

surface paper choice depends on the printing way and the end customer needs. High quality printing quality, of course, need to face paper guanghua, inner quality excellent adhesive materials, thermal transfer printing mode chooses surface level off is smooth and stain resistant requirements of special paper. Select label paper should pay attention to the problem:

soft PVC surface often has a plasticizer effusion, pay special attention to choose adhesive. Cylinder bottle, and diameter of less than 30 mm, careful selection of materials. When stickers barcode label paper size is too small or too large when should pay attention to actual experiment was carried out. Stick the underlying environment and temperature will affect the adhesive properties, such as more oil or water environment. Posted content is irregular surface, appear even sphere. Automatic labeling machine tag labeling experiment was carried out. Even at room temperature label, but whether the export transit through high temperature. Corrugated carton rough surface and coated with light oil, can affect the labeling. Bar code labels suggest selection procedure. Details about the end user's requirements. Be stick on the surface of the situation, labeling, labeling environment, bar code label size. The use of the final product storage conditions. Refer to the product technical manual or ask supplier. Provide proof for the customer to try to stick, can be a number of similar materials. A small amount of supply for our clients. Asking customers to confirm in the end-use environment effect. Normal delivery after confirm final use effect.

the application of the adhesive barcode label paper

here is a sample stickers barcode label paper application:

packing: wheat head tag, letters, packaging, transport of goods, postal parcels, envelope address labels. Electronics: mobile phone inside tags, various kinds of electrical appliances, notebook PC tag, mechanical and electrical products. Commodity: price tags, product labels, shelf labels, bar code label, drugs label. Management: the book tag, car inspection tags, security tags, property. Office: file documents tag, archives preservation, all kinds of goods and stationery. Production: marked on raw materials, processed products, finished product tag, inventory management. Chemical industry: paint material marking, gasoline engine oil product packaging label of solvent and various special products. Other: anti-counterfeit labels, encryption, tags, security tags. Jewelry, jewelry tag labels, tags tags are likely to stick on. Clothing, clothing tag, washing label. Airport, boarding pass and baggage tag. Tickets: train, long-distance bus. Other: votes, highway toll parking lot.

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