How to choose the supermarket cash register paper _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-04-25
Thermal paper typed is specially applied to thermal printers, and supermarket cash register currently on the market use receipts 80% thermal cash register paper, so the paper its quality directly affect the print quality and save time, more directly affect the cash register the service life of the printer. First of all we have to get to know, the cash register in the structure of the paper, thermal paper generally divided into three layers, the bottom of base paper, the 2nd is thermal coating, the third layer of protective layer mainly affect the quality of thermosensitive coating or coating. If uneven thermal paper coating, printing, can lead to print color shades; If the thermal paper coating chemical formula is unreasonable, can cause thermal paper after printing to save time shorten, protective layer for after printing is also key to save time, it absorbs some of chemical reaction that generates heat sensitive coating light, slow the deterioration of thermal paper. So, how to choose a good thermal paper? Method one: the paper appearance, good quality thermal paper with hair color uniformity, smoothness is good, high whiteness, a little green. If the paper is very white, so the protective coating and thermal coating of paper is unreasonable, phosphor powder added too much; If the paper is bright and clean degree is not high or look uneven, so the paper coating is not uniform; If the paper looks the reflected light is very strong, also is added too much phosphors. Method 2: roasted with fire, with fire heating on the back of the paper, if the paper is now out of brown color and specification thermal formula is not very reasonable, save the time may be more short, if the paper is on the black part with thin stripes or uneven color piece, uneven coating. Good quality paper should be dark green after heating, and uniform color piece, from the center to color become weak gradually. Method three: positive and negative comparison: some manufacturers in order to decrease the cost of paper at the use of high-tech means, positive very white is very bright, add a lot of phosphor powder and calcium carbonate, the opposite is very rough, use recycled paper to make paper when printing and paper cutting off a lot of paper scraps, the serious influence the life of the print head and automatic paper cutting knife.
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