Label printer and ordinary printer general? _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-06
Many friends ask: paper printers and normal printer gm? To popularize the knowledge today. 1, are generally stylus printer paper printer. 2, paper printer can print A4 size paper, a small amount of ordinary printer can't print the bill. 3, note the printer is general for stylus printer, suitable for office use, its features are: material is cheap, can print many notes, but the noise is big, the printing speed is slow. 4, home printer for inkjet printers commonly, its characteristic is: low noise, the printing speed, but the material is more expensive, almost half the money printer, if the family perform a relatively large, had better choose the epson printer, to buy a set of continuous ink system, so long as the purchase of ink. So the answer is: no general!
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