Paper knowledge summary _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-04-03
Paper, as the name implies, it refers to the cash register use record cashier detail in the paper, it is mainly used for offering our customers the shopping list, after use can be replaced. General cashier paper material to apply to register corresponding material of internal printing parts. For ordinary stylus printer, it can use normal 1 - 3 layer printing paper to print; For thermal printer head, it can only use thermal printing paper to print. Ordinary stylus printer, need to use the ribbon and paper printing consumables. Thermal printer head, only need to use thermal printing paper can be printed, do not need other auxiliary materials. Paper 1, offset paper, divided into four categories: use common offset paper processing production of cash register paper, all is single, no coating on paper, on the ribbon printed words on paper. 2, thermal paper, thermal paper processing production of cash register paper, all is a single layer, paper coated with thermal chemical coating, the paper reciprocates laser thermal head color printing paper, its characteristic is not print consumables, without carbon belt, ribbon, or ink cartridges; And paper surface is smooth, with nails or hard objects across with clear mark on the paper. 3, no carbon paper: this paper consists of two layers or more, at least the first league need stylus printer to print color, but the back of the few united by color printer to print pressure. 4, self-induction paper: this paper is composed of a layer or multilayer, rely on a color printer to print pressure, the paper does not need to install the ribbon. This paper first called self-induction paper, several league is behind the ordinary no carbon paper. Commonly used paper type common paper mainly include general thermal paper, offset paper and carbonless paper three thermal general commonly used specifications have 57 x50, 57 x60, 57 & times; 80, 75 x50, 75 x60, 75 x80, 80 x50, 80 x60, 80 x80, & 80 times; Type 140 ordinary offset paper commonly used specifications 44 x40, 57 x60, 70 x60, 75 x60, 75 x80 type 82 type, 82 type x70, x80 carbonless paper commonly used specifications for 57 x40 double-deck, 57 x60 double, 75 x60 double deck, 75 x60 three, 241 x100, 241 x100 three-layer thermal paper technique of choose and buy thermal paper is specially applied to thermal printer paper, its quality directly affect the print quality and save time, and even affect the service life of the printer. Thermal paper generally divided into three layers, the bottom of paper-based, the 2nd is thermal coating, the third layer as the protective layer, mainly for affecting the quality of its thermal coating or coating. If uneven thermal paper coating, printing, can lead to print color shades; If the thermal paper coating chemical formula is unreasonable, can cause thermal paper after printing to save time shorten, protective layer for after printing is also key to save time, it absorbs some of chemical reaction that generates heat sensitive coating light, slow the deterioration of thermal paper. Thermal paper identification method: first of all, the paper appearance, good quality thermal paper has hair color uniformity, smoothness is good, high whiteness, a little green. If the paper is very white, so the protective coating and thermal coating of paper is unreasonable, added too much phosphor, if the paper is bright and clean degree is not high or look uneven, then the paper coating is not even, if the paper looks the reflected light is very strong, also is added too much phosphors. Second roasted with fire, with fire heating on the back of the paper, if the paper is now out of brown color and specification thermal formula is not very reasonable, save the time may be more short, if the paper is on the black part with thin stripes or uneven color piece, uneven coating. Good quality paper for the dark green is after heating, and uniform color piece, from the center to color become weak gradually.
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