Paper the characteristics of the four categories of _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-15

paper is divided into four categories, each category has its own characteristics, the following is the small make up to you to introduce: 1, the offset paper: use common offset paper processing production of cash register paper, all is single, no coating on paper, on the ribbon printed words on paper.

2, thermal paper: the use of cash register paper, thermal paper processing and production are all single, paper coated with thermal chemical coating, the paper reciprocates laser thermal head color printing paper, its characteristic is not print consumables, without carbon belt, ribbon, or ink cartridges; And paper surface is smooth, with nails or hard objects across with clear mark on the paper.

3, no carbon paper: this paper consists of two layers or more, at least the first league need stylus printer to print color, but the back of a few united by color printer to print pressure.

4, self-induction paper: this paper is composed of a layer or multilayer, rely on a color printer to print pressure, the paper does not need to install the ribbon. This paper first called self-induction paper, several league is behind the ordinary no carbon paper.

top specialized in thermal paper production, wholesale, custom, and product type are pos printing paper, paper, label paper, self-adhesive thermal paper, etc. , are widely used in retail industry, service industry enterprises and institutions, etc.

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