Pin type, thermal paper printers use must pay attention to the issues _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2023-08-22
Paper printer as different from common office laser printer, in fact, has been widely used in many occasions, such as shopping malls supermarkets to print receipts, invoices, and the print the VAT invoice for the company's financial printer, etc. , there are a lot of USES: such as the traffic police at the scene of a ticket with portable paper printers, financial check printer. One, pin type, thermal paper printers use should pay attention to matters, 1) Printer should be installed in a stable place, avoid the printer in the vibration and shock. ( 2) Don't in the high temperature, high temperature and serious pollution of local printer using and storing. ( 3) Connect the power adapter for the printer to a properly grounded outlet, to avoid large motor or other devices that can lead to the power supply voltage fluctuation to use the same socket. ( 4) To avoid water or conductive material ( For example: metal) Into the printer, once occurred, should immediately shut off the power. ( 5) Printer may not be under the conditions of no paper to print, otherwise will seriously damage the printing roller and the thermal print head. ( 6) If do not use the printer for a long time, please disconnect the power of the printer power adapter. ( 7) Users shall not remove the printer for repair or reconstruction. ( 8) The power adapter using only randomly designed with power adapter. ( 9) In order to ensure the quality of printing and the life of the product, it is recommended to use the recommended or thermal printing paper of the same quality. ( 10) When pull out plug cable, please make sure the printer power turned off.
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