printable tactile astronomy: how to \'see\' outer space if you\'re blind

by:Xprinter     2019-11-10
Kathy Lenz, have you ever thought of reaching out and touching a galaxy?
Or \"feel\" the amazing nebulae and planets you see in the Hubble photo?
Although it sounds tempting, it is certain that the chances of your whim coming true do not exist.
You have to travel on Earth for about 6 years and spend millions of dollars building your own personal spaceship to be close enough to actually wave your hand through a ring of Saturn.
But in order to help blind people \"see\" what they lack, it is now possible to have some astronomical touch.
Thanks to the Space Telescope Institute, with the help of a thermal printer, now anyone can \"feel\" the beauty of the Milky Way from the comfort of the Earth.
Of course, most of us don\'t have a hot printer expansion machine, but you may do so if you are blind.
Like a cross between points. of-
Selling credit card machines and labels-
Manufacturer, thermal printers use heat to send specially prepared images to rubber thermal paper.
You can buy one on the US Thermoform website for about $1000.
The idea of tactile printing is developed so that blind people can calculate like we do-
Thermal printers can type, print documents, and read them by feeling a series of raised Braille points.
The elevated hot images do not capture every detail and colorful nuance of our gradual understanding and favorite Hubble photo masterpieces, but they do offer more than standard Braille dots.
In a picture, Saturn\'s rings rise on paper at different heights to depict visible stripes passing through them.
The stripes you see on this planet-
Results of gases in the atmosphere-
Can also touch.
If you happen to be able to use a thermal printer, please review the amazing space tactile astronomy web page for dozens of free printable Hubble thermal printer PDFs;
Here is an example of these files.
Through printable tactile astronomy: how to \"see\" outer space if you turn a blind eye to wonderhow.
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