Teach you how to identify bar code printer carbon belt material to avoid buying fake goods _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-22

about how to choose the barcode label material, avoid to buy fake goods, is inseparable from its partner: carbon is also called the ribbon. Because a barcode printer using thermal printing consumables for printing bar code label, they are indispensable, so it both want to cooperate with good, can achieve better results. Sometimes, we have carbon belt, how to choose the corresponding barcode label? Below is for everybody to introduce: general carbon belt can be divided into three kinds: wax base, mixed and resin. Wax base: with wax and carbon black ( Assumptions for carbon black belt) As the main material, as the coating material of products. Wax base carbon belt is one of the most economic cheap carbon belt, usually with bond paper, printed things not friction resistance, delimit a fell, almost as much as with thermal paper, fit on the environment is good, the absence of friction, is cheap, of course, also has its advantages.

mixed base: namely the wax and resin as the main material, as the coating material of the product, can match coated paper, PET or synthetic paper, etc. , they can print out things through small amount of friction, can deposit time is longer than wax base with bond. Resin: if print data must demand to solvent resistance to high temperature resistance, etc. , used in the chemical product packaging, or must be high temperature resistant, used for electrical heating parts, or must be printed on special chemical products such as PET, it is recommended to use resin carbon belt, because of the resin composition can meet the above requirements, but this kind of carbon price usually is more expensive, but the print effect is must and paper/print media collocation in order to achieve the best level of print, all three, we choose the bar code label, to pay attention to the matching of carbon belt and label, there is no best, only the most appropriate. Through the above knowledge want to help you have a thorough knowledge of the printer a can avoid buying fake goods.

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