The micro printer during operation to stop print? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-15

the micro printer from use classification, can be divided into the special micro printer and general micro printer. The special micro printer refers to the micro printer for special purposes, such as playing, professional professional barcode micro micro playing CARDS and so on, these micro play usually need professional software or driver support, or can only form a complete set of one or more of the following special equipment can work; General micro printer using range is wide, can support a variety of printing equipment, a lot of printers is general micro printer.

the micro printer during operation to stop print? We want to check from the following aspects:

a, error may be cutting knife cutting paper. Check whether the cutter is reset, the use of paper to conform to the requirements of this printer.

2, can be in accordance with the printer lights flashing situation to find the malfunction, specific please refer to the product manual ( Light and keystrokes) 。

three, may be the printer over temperature protection, check whether the print head is hot. Note: this kind of failure to head to a safe temperature can return to normal after printing.

4, this printer, whether or not to use the function of black label detection, whether black label detection failure errors, please see the black label printing whether meet the requirements of the printer.

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