The micro printer in the application of 'self-help bank' _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-24
Micro printer machine mainly refers to the width of less than 84 mm in miniature printer, including POS printer ( Commercial POS and financial POS) , tax -controlling printer, ATM, ECR, kiosks and other equipment of the inner or outer hanging type micro printer, miniature printer is widely used in various industries, such as finance, retail, catering, lottery industry, transportation industry, Including taxi, airline tickets, luqiao charges, etc. ) , gas stations, health care, postal, utility meter reading, mobile police system, mobile e-government system, and so on. The micro printer application in bank self-help terminal. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, banking openness and the fierce competition environment, the bank must continue to provide more efficient and convenient services to attract customers, and customers to bank timeliness requirements are also rising, so there is no banking, self-service banking arises at the historic moment. So, what are the application in the micro printer kiosks in the bank? Bank information gets to the non-cash transactions such as transfer machine terminal, usually by the domestic manufacturer, low cost, is banking powerful complement and extension. This kind of equipment is a bit low, to the requirement of printing module function are usually only need ordinary printing function, some even unnecessary black label detection function, but the basic need automatic paper cutting function, print function in Chinese, but it requires high reliability, performance is given priority to with mid-range, usually without prsenter, the paper nearly, big roll of paper functional requirement is not strong. Micro printer is all sorts of intelligent testing instrument, instrument and various kinds of an essential output device of a microcomputer. As domestic electronic cash, electronic commerce, electronic fiscal policy of gradually implement, such as micro printer automatically registered in the health care system's singles printing, banking system queue number ATM receipt printing, transportation station ticket on the train ticket printing direction has been widely used.
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