The non-drying label company told you what is the cause of the newborn _ print equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-20
The non-drying label company told you what is the cause of the newborn? 1: the non-drying label on the automatic labeling machine labeling many manufacturers have found that often appear in the newborn, it is a problem of initial adhesion, instant adhesive force is not strong. That is to say, automatic labeling machine cylinder when the pressure on the bottle label of time too fast, label and bottle interface glue water pressure time is not long enough, leading to label cannot very good adhesion on the bottle, so it is easy to case become warped, it is at the beginning of the non-drying label viscous force is not strong. Good labels 2: a lot of people found that the time is not long to peel off, itself without the viscosity, the situation is a sticky problem, is to remain weak. In other words is the label glue poor endurance, at a certain time limit, glue lose viscosity, no moisture, fall off naturally. This is a question of endurance of glue. How to solve the above two problems often appear? It must be from the root causes, in the final analysis are the glue problem, so what are you doing label must match the right glue, especially automatic labeling machine labeling, round bottle label surface. Must be in strong viscous oil glue or glue water.
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