The non-drying label paste from time to tome what precautions _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-20
Below let small make up to tell you the non-drying label paste from time to tome what considerations? 1: suitable paste paste effect is the basic work environment. 2: paste should be prepared before work, both hands to clean; To avoid dust and sweat, there is water, affecting the viscosity and loss of appearance. 3: posted surfaces should be kept clean; Oil, water, dust makings content will affect the label paste adhesion, appeared the situation required with water, alcohol, dry cloth to be stick a label again after cleaning. 4: when the paste, the operator's fingers as far as possible don't touch the glue part, or clean hands after exposure to label a corner, small area to avoid weakening the label paste. A complete 5: paste action, avoid in the process of the paste position wrong again to paste. After completion of 6: paste, with a clean finger uniform pressure. 7: label paste 24 hours after the maximum from the viscosity values.
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