The parameters of the bar code printer performance _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-11
What are the main performance parameters, bar code printer? Print width said printer can print the maximum width, generally speaking, the printing width is 3 inches to 8 inches several options, determinants of printing width is to select a printer. Printing precision printing precision depend on the printer in the print head this important parts. Market on the surface of the printing precision is respectively: 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 600 dpi. The higher the accuracy, printed label and bar code, the more fine clear text. The user can according to the industry situation, select suitable for their own print label size requirements of product. Print speed print speed is one of the bar code printers, compared with the advantage of stylus printer. Industrial-grade barcode printer on the market rate can be up to 16 inches per second. For the same machine, the faster the speed, the lower the precision. Users in use, must adjust the machine, in order to perfect combination of speed and accuracy. Interface on the market sales of bar code printers, equipped with USB interface, parallel port ( LPT) , a serial port ( RS232) 。 Accessories to allow the printer to the user's requirements, bar code printers, various manufacturers have designed a lot of optional accessories: cutter, stripper, paper holder, etc.
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