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by:Xprinter     2020-05-27

thermal paper poisonous? How should prevent? Thermal paper, no doubt, is indispensable in daily life a kind of paper material; Various media recently reported that thermal paper is toxic, to this, it is necessary for small make up this matter do a science popularization, thermal paper also a truth; To understand the thermal paper is toxic, it is necessary for us to understand the structure principle of the thermal paper.

thermal paper mainly consisted of thermosensitive coating print out text images. Thermosensitive coating is mainly chromogenic agent send lubricious agent these chemicals are indeed a bit is not very good to the human body. Have poison damage to human body is also the main see heat-sensitive paper factory, because the country is not a standard of thermal paper now, some thermal paper factory these chemicals many coating cause thermal paper unhealthy, we probably also calls for a national press your national standard for thermal paper factory house also has a standard. But have no advantages to human body thermal paper also doesn't mean don't use, just like the computer has radiation to human body, but we also are in use, is still expect countries to a gb standard manufacturer is the best, thermal paper use three proofing, in thermal coating layer maintenance coating the coating has a waterproof and oil proof the effect, can paper hand with thermal insulation coating straight touch touch. But at present a lot manufacturer general three thermal paper, thermal paper pretend procurement is three thermal paper is able to look at their best parameters of thermal paper.

thermal paper contain bpa ingredients that bisphenol A is toxicity, must be open and the wounded are best not to touch the thermal paper this kind of paper; Advanced thermal paper non-toxic, white paper can be replaced, but in our days, low level, thermal paper containing bisphenol A is still everywhere. However, you also don't be afraid.

the expert suggests that bisphenol A (bpa) due to low toxic chemical substances, at room temperature, it is very safe, achieve must dose will bring to the body health hazard. Beijing sun hospital before also show that in its official weibo bisphenol A in higher than 100 ℃ temperature will be released. So, common receipts of bisphenol A is still relatively stable, don't be nervous, just note on ordinary days day details, can be useful to prevent.

so, how to prevent the bisphenol A after shopping receipts to invade our body, reduce damage?

1, don't let the children touch the receipt, in case they will receipt in your mouth.

2, keep print receipt separately in A envelope, avoid other things infection bisphenol A composition.

3, the use of ATM machine to withdraw money or in self-service petrol, as far as possible not to print receipt, try to cut the touch the timing of such receipt.

4, best receipts and other printed, temperature drop down after thoroughly again touch, sweating or hand trauma, as far as possible to prevent touching thermal paper, special don't thermal paper receipt tightly in hand, to avoid when sweat pores open with your hands, and add the possibility of bisphenol A enters the body through the pores.

5, print receipt is not too big use, after claim lost as soon as possible, because the bisphenol A is the phenol and acetone in the volatile substances, if in the human body can touch to the local for A long time, will damage to human body.

6。 Touch after receipt, wash your hands before eating, such as acetone is water soluble, can be taken away in the process of washing. But don't use alcoholic liquid to wash their hands, because alcohol can add skin absorption of bisphenol A (bpa).

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