Thermal paper to identify ways to save time? How to identify thermal paper to save time? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2023-08-24

with the growing popularity of thermal paper shopping in the supermarket, save the time of thermal paper became another big confusion; Relevant authority data scarce, thermal paper in here small make up to save time for everyone to do a simple popularity.

at present, the supermarket stores in the thermal paper is mainly used for invoicing and transaction documents, as the general quality of thermal paper products, including domestic thermal paper shelf life for 15 days or so commonly, thermal paper imports relatively longer shelf life, almost 30 days or so.

this does not mean that the thermal paper is not can be preserved for a long time; Actually, good thermal paper can save several years after the print, but if the thermal paper coating formula is not reasonable or save the right way, only to save a couple of months.

after the protective coating on the thermal paper to print the preservation of the length of time also play a key role; Natural conditions, the coating can absorb part of the chemical reaction that generates heat sensitive coating of light, to slow the deterioration of printing paper. If the protective coating uneven thermal paper paper, will reduce the protection of thermosensitive coating, which also reduce the storage time of thermal paper.

if you desperately need to want to know whether you have thermal paper can save long time, so, here small make up teach you simple and effective identification of thermal paper way to preserve the length & ndash; — Natural light to illuminate identification, this method is very simple to operate, you only need to print out the paper with the same kind of different natural exposure in the sun after the fluorescent pen, eventually they will become black, black needs, the longer the thermal paper save time will be longer.

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