This paper describes the operation characteristics of paper printer _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-05
Paper printer as different from common office laser printer, in fact, has been widely used in many occasions, such as shopping malls supermarkets to print receipts, invoices, and the print the VAT invoice for the company's financial printer, etc. , there are a lot of USES: such as the traffic police at the scene of a ticket with portable paper printers, financial check printer. This paper describes the operation characteristics of paper printer: 1, specially designed for mobile bills printed portable paper printer; 2, compact design, small volume, batteries, easy to carry; 3, support bluetooth ( 蓝牙V1。 1类2) And infrared ( 红外线,生- IR) ; 4, convenient way of clamshell type paper, open and close the cover can be done in the paper; 5, with voice prompt function, even hanging at the waist, also can know whether the printer power shortage, lack of paper; 6, black calibration function, to provide the basis for a pre printed paper printing; 7, auto sleep, auto awake, do not need to save energy and frequent switch machine; 8, additive with battery and charging for super large amounts of printing; 9, equipped with a sturdy portable, easy to hang the printer in the waist; 10, support GBK encoding and Unicode, conveniently and phone support WINCE;
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