How to choose the 'tall' barcode paper _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-07-17
As the bar code technology matures, all types of barcode paper, was born. Recently, a kind of linear bar code caused the attention of people, it is a kind of special used in food, the safety of the bar code labels with special material, it can put ingredients from planting to the finished product of process via text passed to the consumer. So, the children know that the barcode on tall paper is how to choose? Don't try so hard, the small make up to tell you. 1, soft PVC and PET barcode paper, often there will be a plasticizer effusion, also known as the glue out, pay special attention to when choosing a PET and PVC barcode paper, should choose water glue, hot melt adhesive is easy to seep. 2, cylinder bottle, and less than 30 mm in diameter, be careful to choose material 3, when the barcode paper size is too small or too large, all 4, stick mark should be paid attention to in the actual test environment and temperature will affect the adhesive properties, such as much water is 5 or more oil environment, paste content for irregular surface, appear even sphere, carefully select material 6, for automatic labeling machine, barcode paper for rough surface, corrugated carton labeling test 7, and painted with light oil, can affect the labeling of 8, even at room temperature labeling, but whether the export transit through high temperature
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